The best is yet to come as long as GOD is in control and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to wake up doing what I love.”

— Kevin Jackson




Guitarist, bassist, music director and producer, Kevin Jackson from Baltimore, Maryland has recorded and performed with artists Sheila E., Wyclef, Maysa, Oli Silk, Tracy Hamlin, Selena Albright, Eric Darius, Steve Cole, Gwendolyn Collins and Daniel Weatherspoon.

Jackson’s mix of acoustic renditions will take you by surprise and hold you there while anticipating what comes next. And next will be some rock… some contemporary Christian… some Jazz… and some soulful R&B, offering something for every taste.


As pleasurable as it is to listen to music by Kevin Jackson, his live productions are what fans truly love and support. Sold out shows are the norm because Jackson’s live performances are unlike any other local artist in the Baltimore area. Jackson takes what’s he’s learned while performing for some of the best in the business, and integrates those lessons into his show with the same level of professionalism and style as national artists. 

Jackson is often thought of as a “quiet giant” due to his humble and quiet nature, but once on stage it’s easy to see this is where he is most comfortable, and Jackson comes to life thru his music.  In 2012, he embarked on a career to record his first CD, Stories In Color which was met with critical acclaim to his credit, followed by his sophomore offering, The Mirrored Truth that garnished the single “Favorite Way”. Favorite Way was considered for a Grammy for song of the year. 

On July 2, 2012, Jackson played his first show as the featured artist at the legendary Blues Alley in Washington DC. Following that, Jackson performed on the main stage at Artscape, Baltimore’s premier outdoor musical event, opening for Anthony Hamilton. Jackson has recently released his next effort entitled “The Mirrored Truth,” with another sold-out concert at Morgan State University Murphy Fine Arts Center. Jackson says “The best is yet to come as long as GOD is in control and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to wake up doing what I love.” 

On August 18, 2018, Jackson released his 3rd CD Full Circle; which features Oli Silk, Tracy Hamlin, Jackiem Joyner, Daniel Weatherspoon and Phillip Doc Martin. His song “We Got Us” was considered for a Grammy nomination for song of the year. Jackson says, “I’ve been wanting to do a cd that goes back to my roots playing jazz and R&B thus the name Full Circle. After years of doing jazz festivals and concerts it just felt like it was time. I’m blessed and honored to be doing what I love to do and I don’t take it for granted.”

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