Lake Arbor Jazz Uncut is a collaboration of dynamic smooth jazz musicians with solo careers and projects of their own.

The passion and essence of Nathan Mitchell's music has penned him in the hearts of musical innovators, listeners, and lovers all over the world. This top BILLBOARD charting multi-instrumentalist and producer is known best for his amazing showmanship, unique talents, and enthusiastic energy, His 2012 release of "For All Eternity" accompanied by the heartfelt tribute to his wife, who passed away of cancer in 2010, "My Angel" has noted the true passion of what music lovers crave in what they coin as - Music From The Heart. In 2014, he collaborated with James Lloyd (Pieces of a Dream) on to release his first top 10 BILLBOARD song "Play It Forward". This placed Nathan on the radar of many established artists looking to make a new sound in the smooth jazz industry.

Guitarist, bassist, and producer, Kevin Jackson from Baltimore, Maryland has recorded and performed with artists Sheila E., Wyclef, Maysa, Oli Silk, Chico Debarge, Tracy Hamlin, Selena Albright, Eric Darius, Steve Cole and Daniel Weatherspoon. In 2018, he released his first smooth jazz CD entitled Full Circle which yielded a Grammy Consideration for album of the year. In 2015, Jackson released “The Mirrored Truth,”. The album and song "Favorite Way" was considered for a GRAMMY nomination for best traditional R&B album of the year and best traditional R&B song of the year.

Washington, DC’s saxophone phenomenon Brian Lenair is a musically gifted sax player who treats the saxophone as an extension of himself. His love of music began at the age of eight with his most profound influence, his Dad, who is also a talented saxophonist. His first music instructor encouraged his passion for music and thus began the career of “SAXYB”! Brian joined “Spur of the Moment”, a popular Washington, DC-based band as the front man for over 15 years. Despite the growing success of “Spur of the Moment”, Brian moved forward to pursue a solo career. In 2004, he produced his first CD entitled “The Journey”. Creating this CD gave Brian the opportunity to showcase his talents as an extraordinary saxophonist, producer, entertainer, and songwriter.